SEO MBA’s Tom Critchlow joins us on Content & Conversation.

It’s been three years since Tom has dropped his knowledge on Content & Conversation (proof here) and we’re stoked to have him back.

After growing esteemed digital marketing agency Distilled in 2011, today, Tom is an independent consultant for enterprise businesses, while somehow finding the time to run a learning course for senior SEO professionals.

In today’s episode, CEO Ross Hudgens and Tom discuss what navigating the executive layer of large organizations look like, how to secure a substantial SEO budget, and why impressing with communication may be the key to your future funding.

Show Notes:

  • 00:12: Meet Tom Critchlow, Strategy Consultant, Founder of SEO MBA and former VP of Operations at Distilled
  • 1:21: How to secure a substantial SEO budget
  • 5:13: Tom’s contrarian take on how companies should invest in SEO
  • 6:15: The secret behind organizational charts
  • 7:42: Best metrics to use for proving ROI
  • 10:46: Common mistakes in strategy presentations to the C-suite
  • 13:43: The correlation between updating content and renewals
  • 15:50: Why communicating ROI in annually is ideal
  • 17:14: Tips for communicating link building ROI
  • 20:50: How to calculate monthly link value
  • 21:20: Revenue forecasts don’t always have to be right, here’s why
  • 23:23: Ideal timelines for revenue conversations with the executive team
  • 24:30: The value of email sign-up’s
  • 26:47: How to navigate securing budgets in a difficult environment
  • 31:08: How to build a better proposal for your client
  • 34:01: How long should a pitch take for a big C-suite?
  • 41:27: Why new Directors can be your key to funding
  • 44:03: Lessons learned, why growth and excitement are more useful than you think
  • 49:44: Impress with communication
  • 53:43: How to express results when your client is already trending up
  • 54:30: What’s next for Tom’s SEO MBA

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