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Broken link building is a bit of a recent fad – you correct broken links, add value to the webmaster by doing so, and therefore increase the likelihood you get a link back to your website.

That’s true, but what is lost in this transaction is not that you are truly aiming to solely solve broken links, your goal is to add value back to the webmaster. Correcting broken links is not the only way to do this. A second and third “mistake” we can solve comes in the form of correcting spelling and/or grammar errors for webmasters, which can be checked just as quickly.

Firefox has a quick and effective add-on for spell checking. You can find it here –

There is a need for a combined spell check/grammar check combined add-on, particularly for Chrome. With that, we have a complete “value add” equation to help maximize potential webmaster errors to reciprocate the value equation to get links built when we combine it with the super-fast Chrome broken link builder add-on.

If you know of any other add-ons that check web documents for grammar and/or spelling mistakes, please leave a comment.

Otherwise, the SEO community could use a tool such as this to improve our link building efforts. Who wants to step up and get it done?

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