The idea of 10x content has become a common industry trope. We even lead with it on our services page. However, the thought process of creating it is often misguided.

In today’s video, I detail why it’s better to think about creating 2x content, time and time again.. rather than a big hitter, in order to build a sustainable and memorable brand.

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Hi, I’m Ross Hudgens, founder of Siege Media. And today, I want show you why 2x content is actually in my opinion, better than 10x content, in the long term.

Now, on the surface, this might not make a lot of sense to you. But what I mean by that is actually not that content that’s 10x better than other content is bad.

That’s not bad on the surface. It’s just more the thought process that leads someone to create 10x content often leads someone to the wrong path that actually, in the end, gives them less results than if you had done 2x content over and over and over again.

And why that matters is you see people who kind of mistake this 10x framework and think that they should create one big post to rank for something of value. And they do, and they get a lot of links to it, but the reality is the rest of their site is often below 1x in terms of quality as compared to competitors. Their brand experience is not of quality.

The people that rank really well consistently, and you see this over and over again – you might look at their content and say, “Hey, this is just okay.” An example of this would be the below

What they’ve done time and time again is actually slightly outperformed other people that are out there for a consistent basis time and time again. They’ve achieved twice as good content probably 19,000 times over the spectrum of the brand experience, which has allowed them to outrank others.

And, of course, through that thought process, through that lens, that creates a very important SEO metric in domain authority.

So by achieving consistency in terms of 2x content that you believe is yes, twice as good as the other content that’s out there on the search result, and then doing that over three years, 20 times, five times a month, you’ll now outpace that person who decided, “I want to rank for something that is 10x, and I’m going to put a ton of effort behind it.”

But the reality is, your brand, even if that mental perception is part of the reason it’s now perceived as better as that person who created this crazy interactive that they spent thousands of dollars on, is a real thing. You are trusted compared to them, and therefore, your effort of creating 2x content on a consistent basis actually outperforms the 10x side.

There is a good example of this I wanted to show you, is if you look at Raw Resume, which is attempting to rank for “how to write a resume”.

The site is actually redirecting now, but we’ll show you an overlay on this video. You see this very in-depth interactive, it looks nice. Good illustrations, a lot of functionality that you’d find value in, but they never really ranked well for how to write a resume.

Compare that to someone like Monster. Monster is this massive brand who, over time, has created a positive brand perception by creating a quality job seeking experience.

And if you look at their equivalent piece of content that yes, ranks well for them, it’s not great. It’s just 500 words of content. If you were looking on the surface removing the brand experience around it, you’d probably say Raw Resume was more like 400x that in terms of quality.

But the reality is, Monster has actually created a brand that allows them to outpace them in the minds of most.

No one’s going to click Raw Resume, and therefore, 2x wins in the end for them because they’ve made a better experience than those other ones over and over and over again.

So hopefully, this content strategy thought process makes sense to you. I’m not suggesting you stop creating 10x content… just make sure you put a baseline of 2x content around it. In doing this, you’ll get far more results.

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