How Siege Media Got 30 Posts Ranking #1 for Audible


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The Client

Audible is the leading creator and provider of premium digital spoken audio content, offering customers a rich destination for insight and inspiration to enhance their daily lives. They are the world's largest library of audiobooks and more.

Industry: B2C, eCommerce

Location: New York, New York

Services Provided: Content Marketing


Audible had many content initiatives running at once, but were unable to prioritize and execute internally. They were looking for a partner for more than just copywriting—an agency who understood search and how to create high-quality content to match their brand and expectations.

Growth Summary

Search-driven content marketing for an eCommerce leader.

We started the engagement with comprehensive keyword research and a brand discovery–uncovering hundreds of keyword opportunities for “best audiobook” type queries. Surprisingly, many of these queries Audible either had zero content around or content that was performing poorly.

Our team of content marketing specialists, SEO analysts and copy editors were able to produce content at record speed for the company. We built a content calendar to help scale content production, work with their internal editors and get work published on time. Every post had search built in to ensure ranking potential, while our writers and editors combed over each word to guarantee accuracy and brand consistency. Additionally, we noted when there was duplicate content or old posts that could potentially cannibalize rankings of anything we created.

At the end of the campaign, we produced over 50 articles—30 ranking #1 and 48 rankings on page 1.