Siege Media helped increase Invaluable’s average monthly organic traffic by 200K

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Invaluable is an online bidding platform for live auctions worldwide. It is the leading online auction marketplace for fine art, antiques, and collectibles.

Industry: E-commerce

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Services provided: Content marketing


Invaluable needed an agency to power its link building strategy to replace an underperforming vendor. While the company originally brought Siege on board for link building, we also saw opportunities to transform their entire content strategy from the ground up.

The results

Growth summary

Siege Media got to work by redesigning Invaluable’s blog in April 2017. This helped boost their average monthly traffic value from $1,824 to $56,347 — where it stands today. Considering the Siege-assisted traffic growth, our blog redesign has helped bring in a staggering total site traffic value of $4,507,760 since the redesign went live.

Siege also performed a thorough analysis of Invaluable’s target market and competitors. From there, we rebooted their entire content strategy by combining link acquisition campaigns with top- and middle-funnel content — something previously unseen for the brand.

Our content covered a mixture of top- and middle-funnel topics such as “What is a mandala,” and “How to determine football trading card value.” We also tackled link-focused seasonal and evergreen content, like “Shakespearean insults,” which resonated with current and new audiences alike. These topics boosted brand visibility and content shareability.

We applied this strategy month-over-month for two years. This created a compounding effect for Invaluable. Siege-generated posts remain many of Invaluable’s top-ranking traffic earners. “What is a Mandala” still ranks above Wikipedia and has an average monthly organic traffic value of $3,748 — meaning the post has brought in an estimated traffic value total of $172,408 on its own.

Another Siege-generated post, “Medieval Art: Characteristics and Influences,” ranks above The Met for the primary keyword, “medieval art” (search volume: 6.8K). Since Siege created this post, it has seen a total traffic of 149,240 visits from 2019-2023.

“Terrific results. A huge thanks to the Siege team for working through finding the right balance of on-brand, shareable content.”

Amanda Nolan Former Director of Content, Invaluable

Amanda Nolan

Former Director of Content, Invaluable

Top performing Invaluable content

What is a Mandala?

The results

  • Ranking above Wikipedia for the primary keyword “what is a mandala”
  • 122 links
  • 17,926 average organic monthly traffic
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Art History Timeline

The results

  • 6.5K keywords
  • 134 links
  • $10,103 average organic monthly traffic value
  • 12,982 average organic monthly traffic
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12 Famous Philosophers and Their Guiding Principles

The results

  • 9,401 average monthly organic traffic
  • 899 keywords
  • Ranking #1 for the keyword “famous philosophers”
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Medieval Art: Characteristics and Influences

The results

  • 50 links
  • First image for the featured snippet on “medieval art” SERP
  • Ranking in the Top 10, above The Met for the keyword “medieval art” (SV 6.8K)
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