AJ Kohn joins us on this episode of Content & Conversation.

With over 20 years of experience in performance marketing, analytics, SEO, and forecasting, AJ Kohn knows the importance of patience when handling clients that don’t want to wait to see results.

When clients expect immediate results, it can be hard for any marketing agency to adjust to the pressure from executive teams. AJ says a “lack of throughput” is not only a “threat” to SEO’s impact, but the leading cause of clients’ hesitation toward SEO marketing.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, Ross and AJ talk about the whole of SEO being greater than the sum of its parts — and how micromanaging every part of the SEO process should be put on the back burner when looking at SEO marketing strategies.

Listen along as they discuss the benefits of taking risks with SEO, how long-tail keywords affect SEO, and how to easily quantify SEO impacts to make it easy for hesitant prospects to understand.

Show Notes:

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