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Too often, PR centered podcasts are centered around “storytelling” and fluff tips. Not this episode.

Today, Caroline sits down with Britt Klontz and Jackie Lambert of We Earn Media to get into the weeds on pitching. How many emails do you send for a campaign? How much should you care about backlink metrics? Most importantly: how do I get a journalist to open my email?!

Show Notes:

  • 00:40: How has SEO influenced media relations for you?
  • 8:16: What are pet peeves you have when SEOs try pitching?
  • 11:03: Why you shouldn’t stress over blog links vs. money page links
  • 14:27: Relationship building tips for marketers starting at zero
  • 19:20: Personalizing pitches with scale
  • 25:21: How to foster relationships outside your specific pitch needs
  • 26:51: Determining a good send volume for campaigns
  • 31:51: Why you shouldn’t ignore mid-tier, regional or niche publications
  • 34:25: How to handle no responses and follow ups
  • 40:49: Are press releases dead?
  • 47:39: Must-listen We Earn Media episodes and favorite journalism tips

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