How we create content in 2020 to compete is significantly different than five years ago, and even distinctly different from last year for most people.

CXL Live’s Content Lead Derek Gleason is an authoritative voice on content strategy and one that brings great insights into evolving decision making on that front. In this video we discuss some of his newer theories, how that intersects with SEO and how that can inform better results in 2020 and beyond.

Show Agenda & Timestamps:

0:28: You used to edit encyclopedias. What skills did you learn from that experience that help you today?
3:29: Stephen King’s “On Writing” mentions the best writing can come from removing words. Talk about how that concept has helped your writing/editing in the digital world.
4:53: It appears that Google has almost trained a trend of long-form writing that isn’t good writing. Describe its impact and how people can get away from that thinking.
7:35: What are your thoughts on the idea of parasite content?
11:36: The idea of “change-point analysis” – what are its benefits?
15:10: Can you speak to derivative content?
18:30: How can you differentiate from your competitors? Where does brand come into the equation?
25:20: What are you doing differently, or plan to do differently in 2020 compared to last year?
29:50: One thing we implement in our processes is freshness distance. How impactful is this method?
31:35: Is there any actionable tip, tool or resource you’re excited about you’d share with the viewers?

Show Notes:

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