In June, we restarted our content strategy and pushed more resources towards our own brand.

What did we learn from it? A lot, actually. This week Ross and Caroline chat through what we’ve learned after six months of publishing, exploring new content formats and what is changing in 2021.

Show Notes:

  • 1:23: How we approached content creation without link building and the results of that
  • 2:00: Is it possible for an agency to outrank a SaaS brand?
  • 3:04: Keyword strategy after evaluating new and old content
  • 5:35: Thinking through B2B content marketing for niche industries (like us!)
  • 6:48: How we evaluate our domain authority to the competition
  • 8:45: Balancing content creation for different levels of decision makers
  • 10:00: How companies are propping up their domain authority via acquisitions
  • 12:07: Thinking outside the /blog/ for content creation
  • 17:10: Looking at content types that make us unique
  • 19:00: Balancing your unique value proposition and not getting pigeonholed
  • 22:33: Bringing multiple team members into your B2B content marketing

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