Animalz former CEO Devin Bramhall joins us on this episode of Content & Conversation.

After recently stepping down from her position as CEO for Animalz, Devin Bramhall was ready for her next chapter — and as much as she loved content marketing, she found it was easy to feel limited.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, Devin sits down with Ross to discuss the future of content marketing (with a bonus take on AI content tools). The pair also discuss her achievements as a CEO and the most valuable aspect of the content marketing industry — building community and relationships.

Though content marketing may feel limiting at times, there’s plenty of insight to gain about content marketing execution, strategic struggles, and approaching the content marketing world as a CEO.

Show Notes:

  • 1:52: What led you to step down as CEO of Animalz?
  • 9:12: Devin’s thoughts on the direction of content marketing at Animalz and the future of the industry
  • 14:57: How to not be confined by a “content marketing box” when implementing long-term strategies
  • 18:13: What were some of the biggest strategic struggles you saw in the content world as a CEO?
  • 24:12: How to balance the execution of creativity and SEO — “keep boring stuff boring”
  • 30:29: How does AI fit into content marketing today?
  • 40:47: How community can be a bigger part of content marketing
  • 54:58: Devin’s experience executing community strategies at Animalz
  • 56:52: What’s next for Devin Bramhall?

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