Enterprise SEO is a huge endeavor. With differing opinions from the C-suite, how does one execute a realistic plan of action?

The initial hurdles when managing enterprise SEO can be navigating internal departments and setting the right expectations. In this episode of Content & Conversation, we chat with Jenn Mathews, the SEO Manager at GitHub, and discuss how her experiences (Nordstrom, Groupon) thus far have taught her about implementing SEO on a large scale.

Show Notes:

  • 00:27: Jenn’s background and how she landed at GitHub
  • 1:06: GitHub’s technical foundation pre-SEO
  • 2:00: How Jenn prioritized SEO with developers, engineers and CTOs in mind
  • 3:14: Beginner vs. advanced keyword topics
  • 5:15: Understanding enterprise intent for a technical audience
  • 6:10: How SEO is defined at GitHub i.e. marketing
  • 7:28: The collaboration between SEO and content creators
  • 8:30: What developer skills overlap with SEO?
  • 10:30: Why SEOs tend to misuse canonicals
  • 12:10: The important of basic HTML understanding
  • 13:00: Common mistakes when growing SEO at the enterprise level
  • 15:18: Educating the C-suite on SEO
  • 16:59: Surprising collaborations with other departments
  • 18:13: What to highlight when reporting metrics to the C-suite
  • 21:45: Focusing on data you can control
  • 22:34: How Google’s update is affecting impressions
  • 24:11: Is there an ideal in-house to agency split?
  • 25:59: How to utilize your budget when growing a department

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