Gaetano DiNardi joins us on this episode of Content & Conversation.

Gaetano isn’t your typical digital marketer. He possesses a unique background as a musician and producer — attributing the necessary hustle in the music industry to his success in marketing and SEO today.

In the marketing world, Gaetano built a reputation as a force to be reckoned with, earning consistent wins for Fortune 500 brands and, most recently, scaling a VC-backed tech startup from 0 to 125,000 monthly visits in six months.

In this episode, Gaetano brings his B2B expertise in growth marketing and SEO to the table. Together with Ross, the pair discuss how search can lead to demand generation, pacing high quantities of content, and how to uncover your business potential for unlikely topics in your vertical.

Show Notes:

  • 00:07: Welcome, Gaetano DiNardi, Growth Advisor and Fractional VP
  • 1:24: The relationship between SEO and Growth Marketing
  • 2:05: How search can create demand
  • 4:30: Is inbound marketing still relevant?
  • 5:26: Determining the pace of content quantity (Aura case study)
  • 8:29: How Gaetano convinced executives to invest in content
  • 10:43: The ideal freelance team structure
  • 15:38: Why promising too much content is problematic
  • 17:38: Ranking expectations, how to prioritize content
  • 20:52: Aura’s unique content strategy, how to identify winning topics
  • 23:34: Topic research — how to uncover business potential
  • 29:24: How video makes an impact and how to budget for it
  • 39:39: Examples of “Pain Point SEO”
  • 45:35: How to think about link building within a startup
  • 54:40: Gaetano’s final tips, tactics, and recommendations

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