Growth Plays’ John-Henry Scherck joins us on Content & Conversation.

With over a decade in the marketing game, John-Henry Scherck has seen it all. As a seasoned B2B content strategist and SEO consultant for major SaaS companies like WP Engine and DocSend, John-Henry has some big predictions as we settle into 2022.

In today’s episode, CEO Ross Hudgens and John-Henry discuss what’s evolving in SEO and content.

The pair update their conversation from 2019 and share their newest lessons, such as the latest necessity of technical SEO, how to choose the best CMS and finalizing the debate between utilitarian content vs. engaging content.

Their answers may surprise you.

Show Notes:

    • 00:10: Welcome, John-Henry Scherck, founder of Growth Plays
    • 00:28: What’s evolving in SEO and content in 2022?
    • 3:39: Technical SEO is a bargain, not a mandate
    • 6:58: Do CMSes prevent technical SEO debt?
    • 10:05: Utilitarian content vs. “engaging” content
    • 11:29: Why low time to value and instant gratification is key for content
    • 14:25: Taking a John Barrows approach (give and take vs. give)
    • 15:20: Segmenting for audience type per content
    • 17:53: Content hub and Learn Center design best practices
    • 23:41: Is trend reporting necessary for investors?
    • 28:49: The benefit of passive link acquisition via trending topics
    • 31:40: How major reports affect rankability
    • 36:15: How to move the needle in enterprise environments remotely
    • 43:48: Implement imagery effectively
    • 46:55: Units and content cost, mapping out the best ROI model
    • 49:26: How to make valuable assets
    • 53:41: What we can learn from SmartSheet
    • 58:57: Tips, tools and tactics from John-Henry


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