iPullRank’s Michael King joins us on Content & Conversation.

Mike’s 14 years of digital marketing and SEO experience isn’t typical. From surprising MozCon with his musical talents a decade ago to producing an entire film about technical SEO, Mike has a history of taking risks and thinking outside the box.

Today, as Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank, Mike continues to push the envelope in content strategy — delivering great results for enterprise companies.

In this episode, Ross and Mike tackle enterprise SEO and how to navigate it efficiently. They address the obstacles of enterprise organizations, the ideal strategies to combat them, and which lessons have been most impactful to succeed in the modern era.

Show Notes:

  • 0:39: What content strategy means at the enterprise level
  • 3:02: How to navigate push back
  • 4:58: Governance model examples
  • 6:56: Quick wins vs. big build-outs
  • 9:16: The importance of work-in-progress updates before major deliverables
  • 12:38: Mike’s playbook for getting things done as an agency in an enterprise organization
  • 14:25: Why user stories are important
  • 16:42: What is content engineering?
  • 21:19: How to model scope on a per post basis
  • 22:41: Lessons after both working for and running an agency
  • 28:18: Mike’s upcoming book on the science of SEO
  • 30:40: What is something you don’t like about the SEO industry?
  • 34:10: Why empathy is key at agencies
  • 37:45: Mike’s new beta rank tracking tool
  • 40:08: What is something you do like about the SEO industry?

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