Mike Yon joins us on this episode of Content & Conversation.

After solidifying his expertise in SEO at Red Ventures for nearly seven years, Mike grew from Director of SEO to Vice President of Pillar4 Media, where he developed merger and acquisition (M&A) workflows while mastering his due diligence process for new acquisitions.

Since 2014, Mike has focused entirely on his consulting firm, Clean Air Digital, honing in on SEO strategy, M&A transition planning for enterprise acquisitions, and workflow optimization for digital teams.

You could say Mike lives and breathes everything SEO and M&A. So, if you’re looking to buy a website or sell your website, this episode is for you.

Talking with Ross, Mike brings his vast amount of expertise to chat through the intricacies of SEO M&A, how to construct the perfect deal structure, and why 100% investment in due diligence is the key to getting the most value out of your sale.

Show Notes:

  • 00:18: Welcome, Mike Yon, Founder of Clean Air Digital
  • 00:56: Mike’s experience in SEO M&A
  • 3:41: The current state of SEO M&A
  • 7:21: What does digital real estate look like today?
  • 11:19: Finding SEO acquisition targets — link value vs. ownership value
  • 16:06: What is the best deal structure?
  • 19:52: How to evaluate SEO assets in every industry
  • 22:14: The value of sites with penalties and/or significant hits in traffic
  • 24:52: Mike’s due diligence process when acquiring a site
  • 37:38: Tools to compare valuations in your market
  • 40:10: Where are the most popular marketplaces?
  • 42:02: Due diligence process continued
  • 45:10: How to make the acquisition process seamless
  • 48:32: Best tools to make your deal run smoothly
  • 50:30: What percentage do marketplace websites take
  • 51:08: Mike’s final tips, tactics, and recommendations
  • 53:02: How to get the maximum from your sale

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