NerdWallet going public is big, but what’s bigger? Their link building strategy.

NerdWallet’s journey to a billion dollar company wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

While their best-in-class content marketing strategy may say otherwise, in 2017, they were penalized by Google due to their syndicated article campaigns.

As traffic numbers declined, NerdWallet’s strong investment in high-quality content and brand positioning allowed them to recover quickly.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, CEO Ross Hudgens and Drew Page, Associate Director of Marketing, break down why SEO and content is a major factor to NerdWallet’s success.

And additionally, why raising capital is an important acquisition strategy in finance verticals where links are tough to come by.

Show Notes:

  • 00:22: Disclaimer: Not investment advice! But, still important
  • 00:38: What can we learn from NerdWallet’s traffic history
  • 1:29: How NerdWallet’s syndication and penalization in 2017 has affected them today
  • 3:36: Why multiple strategies can help combat unexpected traffic hits
  • 4:04: NerdWallet’s “sin” in syndication
  • 5:07: How top-of-funnel reach has contributed to NerdWallet’s success
  • 5:45: Is NerdWallet’s brand defensible? What you need to invest in to “win”
  • 7:03: How NerdWallet bets on quality, vulnerability to Google
  • 7:53: Is it alright to be dependent on Google?
  • 8:27: How younger companies can leverage their funding rounds for links and press
  • 9:38: Solving for Quick Answers is still crucial
  • 10:31: The risk of Google taking over tools
  • 11:56: NerdWallet’s privacy and security concerns
  • 13:33: What it means when a billion dollar company is built on SEO and content
  • 14:23: When can we expect a Siege Media IPO on the markets?

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