In the past year, the personal finance affiliate space has exploded.

Recent acquisition and partnership news, like NextAdvisor and TIME, mean the competition is only getting harder to beat. This week we return from our holiday break with an interview with Alli Berry of The Motley Fool to discuss her role as SEO Manager, how the company treats evergreen vs. breaking news content and tips for other players in this space (main takeaway: good luck).

Show Notes:

  • 00:30: Alli’s start and how she landed at Motley Fool
  • 1:45: How Motley Fool structures content and editorial
  • 3:05: Balancing focus between evergreen content vs. news
  • 4:45: How breaking news can inform traffic to evergreen topics
  • 5:50: Collaborating with the news team
  • 6:33: Deciding what content gets top navigation, homepage and similar high priority real estate
  • 10:12: How to explain complex financial topics to beginner audiences
  • 12:21: Recommendations for new or early stage personal finance sites
  • 15:32: Influencer marketing for The Motley Fool
  • 16:24: E-A-T, syndication and existing reporter influence
  • 17:34: How to scale content refreshes and revamps
  • 21:00: Using Google Trends to inform keyword research
  • 23:39: How COVID has impacted the content at Motley Fool
  • 26:00: An AMP rant

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