Ryan Darani joins us on Content & Conversation.

As an SEO consultant for DTC Health and Wellness brands, Ryan Darani knows the nuances that come with content marketing strategies and the risks associated with high publishing volume. If you’re in a race to be discoverable by every relevant keyword to your business, why slow down?

In this episode of Content & Conversation, Ryan joins Ross to discuss why more content isn’t always the answer and the importance of using your resources more strategically. Ryan also provides insight into the state of AI and how there are still ways to use it to your advantage to streamline your content marketing strategy long term.

From calculating the best ROI to understanding the amount of effort necessary to succeed, this “less is more approach” will get your content calendar back on track.

Show Notes:

  • 00:13: Welcome, Ryan Darani, SEO Consultant for DTC Health and Wellness brands
  • 1:36: How much content should you publish to be effective with SEO?
  • 2:59: Content freshness and its impact on rankings
  • 5:20: What’s the counterargument to Monday.com’s case study?
  • 8:24: The negative effect of high volume, low quality content
  • 11:33: The importance of updating content
  • 12:31: When to execute low volume, high quality vs. low (or mid) quality, high volume?
  • 19:49: When is high quality, low volume the wrong approach?
  • 22:19: How does AI impact the potential for high volume content?
  • 32:27: Final tips, tactics, and tools from Ryan.

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