SparkToro’s Amanda Natividad joins us on Content & Conversation.

From building Fitbit’s B2B marketing program, to heading the marketing department at Growth Machine, to today – wearing multiple strategy hats for SparkToro (an audience research startup that we’re big fans of), Amanda might be one of the busiest marketers we know.

In today’s episode, Amanda, Marketing Architect, chats with Drew Page, Associate Director of Marketing, about the importance of high-quality content for startups, how personal brand plays a part, and why evergreen tools and multi-purpose content is a match made in heaven.

Show Notes:

  • 00:30: How Amanda built Fitbit’s B2B marketing strategy
  • 2:27: Why putting effort in tools pays off, Fitbit’s “Challenge Idea Generator
  • 5:40: Amanda’s lessons and strategies as Head of Marketing at Growth Machine: SEO & Content Agency
  • 8:48: How to build a successful podcast
  • 10:48: “Influence the influencer strategy,” approaching guests that have a strong following (and get noticed)
  • 12:49: Integrating personal branding with your company
  • 13:28: What are the best KPIs for building inbound marketing and user acquisition?
  • 15:09: Give users evergreen resources, SparkToro’s virtual event series, “Office Hours
  • 17:59: Understanding your audience
  • 19:31: The benefits to implementing a contrarian content marketing strategy
  • 20:29: How to expand your content to multiple platforms and formats
  • 22:28: Learn from the “recap strategy,” solving your own problems first
  • 22:49: How to leverage agencies to use your tool
  • 24:55: The #1 converting piece of content for SparkToro, “Fake Follower Audit
  • 26:01: Learn more from Amanda after this podcast

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