Our “bread and butter” eBook, but updated for 2020!

If you’ve been a long time Siege reader, you’ve probably come across our “How to Get More Website Traffic by 250,000+ Visits” post and corresponding eBook. We recently revamped it for 2020 and while a lot of the best practices still hold true, there are a few areas we’ve changed to reflect our practices today.

Show Notes:

  • 0:58: How we’ve shifted our “Skyscraper Technique” outlook
  • 1:43: The value in “2x” level content
  • 2:30: Misapplication of the “Skyscraper Technique”
  • 5:13: Our thought process around passive vs. manual link acquisition
  • 8:10: Thinking about search clicks vs. search volume
  • 12:12: Is there a “good” balance of search volume to search clicks?

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