All good copywriting is propelled by purpose; we don’t start writing until we know yours.

So you can trust that every sentence we craft fits snugly within your bottom line.

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When it comes to copy, the stakes have never been higher.

After all, consumers are drowning in a sea of content. Keeping your copy afloat is possible, but it requires some strategy, editing and expertise.

That’s where our team comes into play.

We’re a motley crew of SEO strategists, creative writers, certified editors and PR professionals.

Our 40+ in-house writers come from a variety of backgrounds, so we know how to craft your copy from every angle. And our meticulous copy editors make sure the finished product is flawless, so you get a leak-proof piece built to withstand a tsunami of competitor content.

Plus, our SEO expertise means your copy gets in front of your customers — because they can’t buy from you if they’ve never heard of you.

Learn our process:




We take time to get to know you. Before we start writing, we study your brand voice, goals and anything else you’d like us to know. Then we put all of that information into a brand discovery guide for your review. Once you’ve signed off on it, we use the guide as a reference for all of our content creation.



As part of our content creation process, we do a deep dive into data and analyze search results to find keywords that serve your purpose. From there, we decipher which ones have the most social proof — which is like insurance that people want to read about those topics — and compile them into a list. After that, we send the list to you to pick your favorites.




This is the best part! We turn our careful research into concise and engaging copy. We start with an outline of all the keywords and important SEO that your copy needs to rank, then we fill it in with creative and captivating prose.



Finally, an in-house editor reviews copy to make sure it sounds great and complies with your brand discovery guide. Once it’s been edited, it falls under the watchful eyes of a content manager, who does another quality check to ensure it’s up to Siege standards. Finally, it goes to you, and we wait for your valuable feedback.


And we have one more trick up our sleeves:

Our incredible design team. Sometimes great sales copy needs just one more thing: great imagery. Our award-winning designers have over 7,000 followers on dribbble. They specialize in infographics, animations and more that make your message clear and help you convert.

Ready to work with us?

If you need it, we can write it. Our copywriting services are all-inclusive: from keyword strategy to brand voice analysis to Natural Language Processing. We can write copy for your website, blog, newsletter, ebook and even your social media.

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