Audiences love infographics because they are easy to understand, easy to share, and provide something of value with very little time invested. This helps explain why search volume for infographics has exploded over the past few years.

Digital marketing firms love infographics because they have proven to be an immensely effective method of generating positive attention for their clients. However, with the ever-growing number of infographics being published on a regular basis, it is becoming harder and harder for producers of the visualizations to stand out amongst their peers.

But what is it exactly that makes an infographic so popular? What separates the quickly forgotten infographics from the viral phenomenons that provide traffic for years after they are published? Is it luck, or is there a common set of factors linking these successes together?

We wanted to find out if there were common features among the most popular infographics, so we performed a deep analysis of the 1000 most shared infographics in the past year using Buzzsumo.

We looked at characteristics like height, width, character count and color palette to see what the most popular visuals had in common. See the results below, and if you’re interested, get the data and a free infographic promotion eBook here.

Click on the image to see the optimal view.

One thing to note, while our share data is accurate, there is some margin of error in the word count/colors and etc, which were counted by humans. Even at around 90-95% accuracy, there are still some interesting takeaways here.

This study reiterates the refrain that content producers need to know their audience. The type of content that will work best among business-focused LinkedIn users will not necessarily be the content that resonates with the typical Pinterest user. But in general, some best practices still remain.

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