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You can find a lot of Google Ranking Factors posts. However, not many do a good job of prioritizing by importance, or cutting out the cruft. Given there are more than 200, that seems like an important thing.

Cyrus Shepard thankfully figured that out and put out an amazing post on Google success factors that we discussed on the newest episode of Content and Conversation.

I asked him about the most controversial points the piece had in the weeks since it was published, including supplemental content, the value of a .gov link, the “E.A.T.” framework, freshness, and a whole lot more.

If you stay tuned till the end, we also talk about his skills in content curation and he drops a tip I absolutely loved that should help you all level up your social game, should you find that interesting.

Show Notes:

Cyrus was a great guest, bringing a lot of expertise around SEO, as always. He’s a must follow on Twitter and someone to keep an eye on as he works towards launching his startup, Zyppy.

Check out the audio version of this episode on our podcast feed which contains all past “Content and Conversation” discussions.

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