Arguably, the thing that has changed the most in the past five years in the SEO world is keyword research. If you aren’t doing it correctly, your process is likely wildly inefficient if possibly not working at all.

The go-to voice on keyword research in the SEO space is Nick Eubanks. Nick, founder of From the Future and co-founder of Traffic Think Tank, continually brings great insights on that side of things.

That’s why it made perfect sense to have him on Content and Conversation to talk the state of things, share a lot of great tools, and also dig into domain acquisition strategy, too. Enjoy the talk!

Show Agenda & Timestamps:

1:00: What are you doing differently today with keyword research that you didn’t do a few years ago?
5:30: What did you notice around sentiment on keyword types in recent analysis?
7:42: How can people use “Total Addressable Market” (TAM) for keyword research?
10:19: What’s your process for buying domains?
13:30: How would/do you move homepages in a domain migration?
17:50: For current clients/existing websites, how would you apply the TAM analysis?
20:50: How are zero click searches/Google eating traffic changing how you do keyword research?
25:50: What are your go-to keyword research tools?
33:50: What are your thoughts on the future of keyword research?

Show Notes:

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