Content without strategy is like an astronaut without a spaceship: Grounded with nowhere to go.

Content marketing is powerful, but the strategy behind the content makes all the difference.

Even though it’s possible to land a spot on Page One by simply creating and publishing various content, it could be more sustainable. In fact, if other businesses in your industry begin flooding the SERPs with content, your brand’s content will likely sputter out without making an impact.

That’s where content strategy comes in. Informed strategies can help propel clients from 0 to 60 — or, in some cases, from $0 to $1.7 million in monthly traffic value. Using our content strategy expertise, we assembled this guide to help you determine which content strategy agency is right for you.

  1. Siege Media – Best for Premium SEO
  2. Growth Plays – Best for B2B
  3. Conifr – Best for SEO Consulting
  4. Column Five – Best for Brand Marketing
  5. 97th Floor – Best for Automation
  6. Fractl – Best for E-Commerce
  7. Omniscient Digital – Best for SaaS
  8. Graphite – Best for Technology
  9. Single Grain – Best for IT
  10. Eucalypt Media – Best for Outreach
  11. Fresh Egg – Best for Customer Research

1. Siege Media

a screenshot of the siege media homepage.

Best for: Premium SEO content

Headquartered in: San Diego, CA – Remote

Industries: Fintech, e-commerce, B2C, B2B, and SaaS

Strengths: Creating keyword-driven content designed to increase rankings, passive links, and organic traffic

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: Chime, Choice Mutual, and Zola

When it comes to content strategy, we don’t play around. We know a successful strategy is critical to any organization hoping to rank on the SERPs, drive traffic results, and increase conversions.

At Siege Media, we do just that. Our clients consistently experience increases in monthly and annual traffic value and monthly links — no gimmicks, magic potions, or radioactive fuel necessary.

So how do we do it? By prioritizing exceptional yet flexible content strategies designed specifically for each client.

Instead of learning about your business secondhand, we make it our mission to understand your brand from the inside and out. As your co-pilot in the cockpit, we become crew members who can anticipate your business needs and execute front-line strategies.

Our valuable onboarding deliverables — the content strategy, Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) Analysis, and content roadmap — can help you explore new opportunities and go where no content strategy has gone before.

2. Growth Plays

Screenshot of Growth Play's homepage

Best for: B2B content strategy

Headquartered in: Los Angeles, CA

Industries: B2B and technology

Strengths: Thought leadership and demand generation created through SEO-oriented strategy

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: Heap, Lattice, and LaunchDarkly

Offering a 9-week solution, Growth Plays is a content strategy agency creating SEO-oriented content and easy-to-use workflows for every client.

Growth Plays creates actionable content strategy plans designed to help marketers and executives execute high-level strategies. Additionally, this agency customizes client-focused onboarding plans and tools designed with each unique strategy in mind.

Clients can also access a centralized system for managing, monitoring, and creating collaborative content. Plus, Growth Plays offers comprehensive competitive analysis, real-time reporting, and recruitment options to help boost a client’s content strategy.

A comprehensive SEO strategy can be the difference between a successful lift-off and a fruitless campaign.

3. Conifr

Screenshot of Conifr homepage

Best for: SEO Consulting

Headquartered in: Bend, OR

Industries: Fintech, SaaS, e-commerce

Strengths: Technical, local, international, and content SEO

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: REI, Duolingo, TrueCar

Conifr offers SEO consulting services backed by decades of experience in technical, local, international, and content SEO. Their attention to detail and commitment to their clients drive results in fintech, SaaS, and e-commerce.

With a mix of monthly retainers and project-based work, they’ve created SEO strategies for companies such as REI and Duolingo.

Offering keyword research, link building, SEO strategy, site optimization, and reporting, they position their client partners to reach their target audience and grow organic search traffic.

4. Column Five

Column Five Homepage

Best for: Design-focused content

Headquartered in: Costa Mesa, CA

Industries: B2B, growth-stage SaaS, technology, education, financial services, and consumer goods

Strengths: Custom graphics assets that separate clients from their competitors

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: 23andMe, Adobe, Harvard University, and

Design assets are vital to a successful marketing strategy — they increase shares across social media, increase engagement, and encourage information retention.

Column Five goes above and beyond to create out-of-this-world content design for every client. This agency understands how to combine brand and content strategy, content creation, and distribution into an effective marketing campaign designed to deliver results.

Column Five also designs strategies for the long haul — their goal is to continue helping clients see impressive long-term results while telling an ever-evolving visual story that is unique and compelling.

5. 97th Floor

A screenshot of 97th Floor's homepage.

Best for: Content automation

Headquartered in: Lehi, UT

Industries: Business, health, technology, B2C, and media/publishing

Strengths: Customizable onboarding process and innovative marketing strategies

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: Dell, Thrive Market, and Utah Jazz

It’s no secret that data-driven content strategies excel, but 97th Floor still has a secret weapon: people. Digitally-savvy specialists form the foundation of this content strategy agency.

Along with automation, customization, and innovation, 97th Floor’s team creates one-of-a-kind content strategies. Clients working with this content strategy agency receive a campaign manager specifically chosen to assess and lead each marketing strategy to its successful completion.

By assessing high-level, valuable opportunities, this agency’s team of content marketers, graphic designers, and PPC specialists design content strategies that drive impressionable results.

6. Fractl

Screenshot of Fractl's homepage

Best for: Organic rankings

Headquartered in: Delray Beach, FL

Industries: SaaS, B2C, and e-commerce

Strengths: Multitactic growth channels designed to increase organic leads

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: CarMax, Discover, and DirecTV

With Fractl, shooting for the stars is the reality, not the exception. This content strategy agency keeps sites competitive by engineering strategies around competitive verticals and technical SEO.

The strategies created by Fractl’s team bring in high-converting visitors through organic search channels. Plus, combining content development, creation, and publication growth strategies to increase CRO is Fractl’s bread and butter.

What’s more, this content strategy agency uses its top-tier media, PR, and business relationships to grow client authority through content development and promotion. Not only do clients receive powerful content, but they also gain organic relationships to back them up.

7. Omniscient Digital

Screenshot of omniscient digital.

Best for: SaaS content

Headquartered in: Austin, TX

Industries: SaaS and B2B

Strengths: One-of-a-kind thought leadership program for sharing industry insights

Pricing: Custom pricing starting at $8,000/month

Recognizable clients: Jasper, AppSumo, and Vendr

Neil Armstrong didn’t land on the moon alone — he had a team behind him. In the same way, Omniscient Digital works as a client’s go-to strategy team, excelling in content elevation and cultivation.

This content strategy agency is passionate about employing the industry insights of successful clients in new marketing strategies and educating other companies through its thought leadership program.

Omniscient Digital believes continuous learning can help improve content strategy processes — clients can rest assured knowing this agency will raise the bar and encourage maximized results at all stages in their strategy.

8. Graphite

Screenshot of Graphite's homepage

Best for: Technology-based growth strategies

Headquartered in: San Francisco, CA

Industries: B2B, B2C, and technology

Strengths: Creating impactful premium content to fulfill the needs of client audiences

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: MasterClass, Robinhood, and BetterUp

The saying goes, if you can’t beat it, join it — the same goes for the ever-changing landscape of technology. Graphite’s marketing strategies rely on technology-based growth to keep up with the changes and build premium, SEO-focused content.

Aiming for consistent results — no matter the landscape — Graphite builds flexible strategies based on data solutions, and they incorporate user intentions, experiences, and needs into the center of every desired outcome.

Graphite also utilizes the Internal Links API to help clients optimize their websites, grow search traffic, and increase internal links. The internal links tool helps this content strategy agency automate website audits and link optimization directly within its content strategy.

Interested in learning how new technology can affect your marketing strategy? Read our AI and content marketing post to learn more!

9. Single Grain

Screenshot of Single Grain's homepage

Best for: Innovative marketing strategies

Headquartered in: Remote

Industries: SaaS, e-commerce, technology, and information

Strengths: Uses innovative solutions to drive engagement, leads, and sales

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: Uber, Lyft, and McDonald’s

Content strategies should be improvement-obsessed and data-focused, which are two of Single Grain’s core company values. Scaling state-of-the-art technology into consistent, accomplished, innovative solutions designed to drive lead generation and increase sales is the beating heart of this content strategy agency’s work.

Single Grain prioritizes personality and personalization — strategies built around real needs by real people tend to get the job done for less. Plus, incorporating marketing technology into the creative process keeps strategies innovative and elevated.

While Single Grain works to understand its clients better, it helps them understand their audiences more effectively, too. Whether a company is building its strategy from the ground up or refining an already existing approach, this agency is exceptional at strategized brand building.

10. Eucalypt Media

Screenshot of Eucalypt's screenshot

Best for: Link-focused content

Headquartered in: Jacksonville, FL

Industries: B2B and technology

Strengths: Producing journalism-driven content designed to secure backlinks for small business and enterprise organizations

Pricing: Custom packages with starting prices between $1,500 and $5,000

Recognizable clients: Atlassian, LinkedIn, and State Farm

The sign of a good strategy lies less in its popularity and more in its engagement and personality. Eucalypt Media understands successful content strategies rely on storytelling rather than trendy stunts.

This agency approaches each strategy from the lens of specialization — curated teams filled with talented, experienced members help design and implement unique content strategies with personalized elements borrowed from client values, missions, and visions.

Eucalypt Media also aims to create agile strategies that grow with its client. Feedback implementation is a collaborative process where the client and the agency work together to improve the partnership’s strategy creation and execution.

11. Fresh Egg

Screenshot of Fresh Egg's homepage

Best for: Experience-driven marketing

Headquartered in: Worthing, UK

Industries: Technology, e-commerce, finance, and education

Strengths: Data-driven strategies focused on customer experience

Pricing: Custom prices

Recognizable clients: Vitality, RSPCA, and The Health Foundation

Behind a team of digital strategists is Fresh Egg’s prized possession — customer experience discovery. This approach to content marketing puts a client’s audience front and center.

Customer experience discovery helps this content strategy agency identify user challenges and brand recognition triggers. These then become the guiding factors for creating individualized content strategies.

Fresh Egg’s strategies also help guide users through the customer journey — from unawareness to loyalty. This agency offers clients strong strategy prospects by prioritizing their needs, anticipating behavior changes, and adapting to technological advances.

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With more than 17,600 pieces of content under our belt — and nearly as many strategic campaigns — Siege Media’s content marketing services prioritize the science behind the success. With unique, data-driven strategy plans locked and loaded, we can help launch you to the next level.

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