How Siege Media helped ABBYY increase organic traffic value by 63% in 4 months

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ABBYY is a SaaS company that features an AI and automation platform to improve internal processes and streamline document sharing. They capture information from various documents to extract data for enterprise customers.

Industry: SaaS

Location: Charlotte, NC, U.S.

Services provided: SEO


ABBYY was in search of an agency to help improve rankings and drive their target audience to their data-sharing platform. They wanted Siege Media to provide a concrete return on investment via site-wide SEO improvements and content audits.

ABBYY also has two different products within their SaaS platform with unique use cases that we incorporated and supported throughout our engagement. There is Vantage, a platform dedicated to intelligent document processing. They also have ABBYY Timeline, a platform for “process mining,” which focuses on analyzing and improving processes through contextual data. With all of these considerations in mind, Siege Media got to work.

The results

Growth Summary

To begin our engagement with ABBYY, Siege Media embarked on a pilot project to improve rankings and traffic that targeted their core keywords. This pilot project acted as a proof of concept for the value of investing in SEO initiatives.

In the first month, Siege Media created a bottom-funnel prioritization list for ABBYY. This included recommendations for topics their blog should focus on to hone in on their target audience. Then, we began creating more bottom-funnel blog outlines to support their team’s goals to create content that attracted readers with the ultimate goal of conversion. In the next phase of the engagement, Siege Media focused on a more comprehensive site-wide content audit. The Siege Media SEO team provided ABBYY with internal linking, anchor text, and navigational recommendations. Siege Media also gave a comprehensive list of keywords.

After implementing Siege Media’s SEO suggestions, ABBYY began to see quick results. Within the first four months of engagement, we saw a 21.9% increase in organic clicks for Siege-created content, a 51.5% increase in organic form submissions to Siege-created content, and a 63% increase in overall organic traffic value.

Site-Wide Content Audit

The results

  • Assisted with internal link recommendations
  • Provided comprehensive keyword research
  • Offered navigational recommendations
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Bottom-Funnel Prioritization

The results

  • Created a list of bottom-funnel keywords
  • Recommended blog topics
  • Provided bottom-funnel blog outlines
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What Is Intelligent Document Processing?

The results

  • $5.6K organic monthly traffic value
  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • Featured snippet for "IDP technology"
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The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • Featured snippet
  • People Also Ask box
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