Siege Media helped increase organic traffic value for Figma’s Resource Library by 1,039%

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increase in organic traffic value to the Resource Library

Figma is a modern and collaborative design platform. They strive to make design accessible to everyone, including engineers, managers, and stakeholders.


Figma needed a content marketing agency to help expand its Resource Library and increase conversions for a product called FigJam, a free online whiteboard tool that allows internal teams to efficiently collaborate online.

Since the FigJam tool has hundreds of templates to help teams problem-solve for various use cases, Siege Media needed to focus on a range of topics, including brainstorming, strategic planning, research and design, and team meetings.

Figma had never worked with an outside agency, so they had substantial goals, KPIs, and high expectations for Siege Media. For that reason, we approached the engagement confident in the quality of content we would produce for them.

The results

Growth summary

Siege Media immediately jumped into creating top-funnel content that focused on collaboration in the workspace to spark interest in FigJam. These subjects included “what is” and “how to” queries that targeted professionals in the workplace. Keywords included all kinds of topics that could capture a vast audience, like “how to run a brainstorming session” and “project kickoff meeting.”

We immediately began seeing success with our content marketing strategy as organic traffic and traffic value for the Resource Library landing page skyrocketed. In just three months, we saw a $3K increase in monthly organic traffic value alone.

Siege Media also started focusing on top-funnel “examples” posts to drive traffic to FigJam. These posts also featured impressive design elements to drive visual interest, like “26 Flowchart Symbols Explained.”

Ultimately, Siege Media’s engagement with Figma has shown excellent results, with traffic value for the Resource Library increasing by 1,039%. We found success with increasing significant KPIs that the Figma team saw as essential benchmarks for success, like conversions, impressions, and traffic growth. To date, we’ve helped achieve 178 conversions for FigJam from Siege-written content, 828.6K impressions, and a 566% increase in organic impressions.

Mind Map Examples

The results

  • 5K average monthly organic traffic in 6 months
  • Image pack for “mind map template” (7.8K search volume)
  • 600 keywords
  • Ranking in the Top 10
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How To Write a Problem Statement

The results

  • 3.9K average monthly organic traffic in 6 months
  • 4.3K+ clicks to date
  • Highest converting Siege Media-generated post
  • 650 keywords
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Project Kickoff Meeting

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • 1.6K average organic monthly traffic in 6 months
  • Featured snippet for the keyword “project kickoff checklist”
  • People Also Ask box
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Flowchart Symbols

The results

  • Image pack for “flowchart symbol meaning”
  • Creative data visualization
  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • Image pack
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