Siege Media helped increase Airtable blog traffic value by 107% in 1 year

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Airtable is an adaptable, low-code platform that empowers users to create custom-built collaborative applications.

Industry: SaaS

Location: San Francisco, CA, U.S.

Services provided: Content marketing


Airtable is a SaaS company that needed an agency familiar with the vertical that could drive qualified traffic and conversions from enterprise clients. The main goal was to first become a go-to resource for enterprise businesses, then leverage that organic traffic to become a source of demand. They turned to Siege Media to create a content marketing strategy to showcase their products and services and help grow their client base.

Siege Media needed to learn how to adapt to using Airtable’s internal tools to keep projects on schedule since they had a highly detailed content creation and publication strategy.

The results

Growth summary

Siege Media started our engagement with Airtable by researching the client’s voice and target audience. By tailoring the content to well-read decision-makers, Siege targeted some of the most important audiences at once: product and marketing managers and directors, vice presidents, and C-suite executives.

The bread and butter of our content strategy, however, were bottom-funnel software comparison pieces that we created throughout our engagement with Airtable. These “best of” posts narrowed in on Airtable’s audience and drove them to sign up for free trials, demos, and webinars.

In the first two months of creating content, posts like “Campaign management tools” and “Product roadmap tools” started climbing in rankings on the SERP. But that wasn’t the limit of our content. We also created middle-funnel “how to” posts that narrowed in on a niche audience, like “How to create a product roadmap” and “How to create a marketing calendar.”

Since Siege Media began publishing content for Airtable in May 2023, there has been a 400% increase in clicks toward Siege Media-created content. On top of this, there was a 137% increase in organic monthly traffic to the articles hub and a 107% increase in organic traffic value. Finally, Siege Media contributed to sitewide impressions, with 1.2 million impressions from the content we created alone.

Best campaign management tools

The results

  • 193K organic impressions to date
  • Ranking in the Top 10 for "campaign management tools"
  • $3.4K monthly traffic value
  • 2K+ clicks
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Research repositories

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10 for "research repositories"
  • People Also Ask box
  • Image pack
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How to create a marketing calendar

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10 for "create a marketing calendar"
  • 14 conversions to date
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The best digital asset management tools

The results

  • $4.3K traffic value
  • Ranking in the Top 10 for the keyword "dam tool(s)"
  • Image pack + thumbnail for the keyword "dam tool(s)"
  • 360+ keywords
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