How Siege Media grew organic traffic by 500% for B2B cybersecurity

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Our client is a leading provider of data security and insider threat protection software. Their security platform allows companies to sustainably reduce risk, detect and respond to threats and prove regulatory compliance.

Industry: SaaS, B2B

Location: New York, New York

Services provided: Content marketing


Our client came to us with a well-established brand and authority in the space, but completely flat traffic. With no SEO expertise on staff, they were struggling to build any credible traffic to their blog despite having an established writing team.

The results

Growth summary

Given the client already had an established writing team with deep expertise in their space, we kicked off our engagement with an extensive brand discovery and interviewed their team to fully understand their customers. Because they were primarily talking to C-Suite executives, beginner-level topics were off the table.

We decided to split our content strategy into two parts: (1) search-driven content outlined and edited by our team, but written by their expert in-house writers, and (2) link-driven content on cybersecurity that could appeal to the broader market.

For search-driven content, we were able to get several blog posts ranking in the top three results, which created a pipeline of monthly backlinks without any active link building time. To this day, our content averages 50-100 new links per month.

In addition to creating content, a year into the engagement we helped their team transition their blog from a subdomain to a subfolder. Following that migration, their team saw a 25% increase in organic traffic in just 60 days.

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