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Vena Solutions is designed to take Excel mastery to the next level, automating reporting and simplifying strategic analysis so actors with a stake in financial planning can draw reliable and novel insights from data.

Industry: SaaS

Location: Toronto, ON, CA

Services provided: Digital PR and content marketing


Vena Solutions needed a content marketing agency to help them create blog posts that wouldn’t only rank but also earn high-authority links from reputable news sources. More specifically, Vena wanted to target difficult keywords to become an authority in their industry and increase their topical relevance.

The results

Growth summary

Siege Media immediately got to work creating top-funnel pieces for Vena Solutions with shareability top of mind. These included a range of statistics-centric posts that encouraged others to link back to Vena as an authority in the space.

Siege Media saw quick results with the post “SaaS Statistics,” which has earned 41 links on several websites with a high Domain Rating, like MarketingProfs, PayPro Global, and Datamation.

Another top-funnel statistics and trends post that found success earning links included “Remote Work Statistics,” earning a link from Forbes, which has a Domain Rating of 94. It was also cited as a source in academic research published in Applied Sciences, which has a DR of 91.

Siege Media created high-quality content for Vena Solutions that ranked on the SERPs and gained links from reputable sources to ensure Vena became an authoritative voice in their SaaS automation and reporting industry.

Featured digital PR projects

SaaS Statistics, Trends, and Benchmarks

The results

  • 41 links
  • 232 keywords
  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • Featured on MarketingProfs (DR 84)
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Remote Work Statistics

The results

  • Featured in Forbes (DR 94)
  • Cited in academic research published in Applied Sciences (DR 91)
  • 85 keywords
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Average CAC Cost By Industry

The results

  • Top-ranking post for keyword “average customer acquisition cost”
  • Featured snippet
  • People Also Ask box
  • Featured in LeadGrowDevelop (DR 45)
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The Best AI Tools for Finance

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10 for “finance AI tools”
  • Image pack
  • People Also Ask box
  • Featured in Redress Compliance (DR 35)
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