How Siege Media Helped FloridaPanhandle Grow Traffic Value by 1,105%


increase in traffic value in less than one year


increase in organic traffic in less than one year


lift in link outcomes in less than one year

The Client

StaySense (FloridaPanhandle) empowers brands to leverage AI for advanced marketing and segmentation. After a successful launch of — including a campaign that garnered nearly 2,000 LRDs according to Ahrefs — StaySense launched in 2019. Looking forward, FloridaPanhandle aims to become an equally authoritative resource for travelers in the southeast travel region.

Industry: B2C

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Services Provided: UX Design, Content Marketing

Before and After Redesign

To lift outcomes and overall site engagement, we immediately tackled FloridaPanhandle’s blog — its design was outdated and prevented the brand from looking like it had authority.

So, we helped them with a redesign by modernizing the site with a high-quality aesthetic. We prioritized highlighting the most impactful posts while giving the primary and secondary navigation a fresh look.

From there, we tackled their post pages by redesigning the page entirely, giving it a unique look to make it feel less templated, and differentiating it from their homepage. Streamlining their articles and applying an appropriate hierarchy reinforced the high-quality appeal of their content.

Arrow showing progression from before to after.


The goal of is to positively impact every single vacation to the Florida Panhandle through the use of stunning photography, written content, and videos. However, their team felt hindered by their lack of brand awareness.

As a new company, FloridaPanhandle faced common challenges when launching their new site–low domain authority, no ranking content, and low traffic.

FloridaPanhandle was looking for a partner to help increase their ability to rank, thus expanding their search visibility overall. However, the blog itself was limited by a subpar design that was going to prevent them from seeing long-term success and increased content outcomes.

Growth Summary

Links and link quality are FloridaPanhandle’s main KPIs. Early on, the number of unique root domains linking to was lower than that of their competitors. Siege Media was determined to change that.

A strategy to bring in high-quality links was essential to increase the quantity and quality of’s backlink profile and drive home the perception that they are an authority in the space — and raise their DA as a result.

To further set FloridaPanhandle apart from its competitors, Siege Media created content that tapped into tangential linking markets and drove value for FloridaPanhandle’s audience by blending in top-notch design and research that fits the FloridaPanhandle brand.

We prioritized content creation and link building tactics to build brand awareness and authority for — gaining brand mentions from high-quality and trustworthy sites. In turn, this increased brand awareness and ensured the long-term success of FloridaPanhandle’s website.