How Siege Media achieved 504 Page One ranking keywords for HubSpot in 1 year

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HubSpot is a SaaS provider focused on helping its customers elevate their customer service experience. Their software helps more than 167,000 customers integrate their marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities into one easy-to-use CRM platform.

Industry: SaaS

Location: Cambridge, MA

Services Provided: Content marketing, SEO


HubSpot wanted to capture venture capitalists and startup founders — their preferred customers for their lesser-known HubSpot for Startups program. They created a series of Unicorn content to coincide with April 9, National Unicorn Day, but they couldn’t complete this high-priority, time-sensitive project due to bandwidth constraints. HubSpot reached out to Siege Media because they were looking for an agency that could deliver high-quality content for a one-off engagement.

Growth summary

Siege Media set out to craft an interactive, visual post than what was currently on the SERP to help HubSpot catapult above competitors. Using proprietary data from PitchBook, one of HubSpot’s partners, further helped HubSpot stand out from the crowd. To promote HubSpot for Startups, Siege added an additional feature unique to HubSpot’s post — a list of the marketing programs utilized by unicorns — connecting startups with HubSpot.

The post, The Comprehensive Unicorn Startup List for 2022, went live on National Unicorn Day with a Tweet from the HubSpot social media team and ranked on Position One two months later. To jump start outreach, the Siege Media team drafted 100 outreach email drafts for the HubStart team to send out. Siege also created a template for outreach to the partners mentioned in the post and provided the HubSpot team with outreach best practices.

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Due to the success of the Unicorn Startups project, HubSpot for Startups requested an additional nine projects. These projects included What Is An Incubator? A Complete Guide for Startups and 12 Startup Pitch Deck Examples [+ Template] to name a few. Siege’s partnership with HubSpot resulted in $7,916 monthly traffic value for HubSpot and eight Siege-created posts in their top 10 traffic driver pages for /startups.

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This engagement for HubSpot highlights the importance of creating unique content that sets B2B companies apart from the SERP. The unique data, direct brand tie to HubSpot for Startups, and stellar design turned this post into a passive link machine and top traffic driver for their startup content.

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