How Siege Media helped Sinch grow monthly organic traffic to /blog by 715% in 8 months

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Sinch is a cloud communications platform that facilitates communication between brands and their customers through every stage of the buyer's journey. As a cost-effective omni-channel communications platform, they can enhance customer engagement and help companies efficiently organize their processes.

Industry: SaaS

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO


When Sinch first began its engagement with Siege Media, it actually had more links than all of its identified competitors except for two notable examples. However, Sinch was behind all of its competitors in organic keywords, monthly organic traffic, and traffic value.

The results

Growth summary

Siege began our content strategy by targeting valuable traffic opportunities and closing the link velocity gap. As a highly technical B2B brand, Sinch required traffic acquisition through top- and mid-funnel search queries to grow Sinch’s Domain Authority and unique voice while enhancing the ability to capture leads through conversion-heavy search queries.

To increase Sinch’s organic keyword and ranking visibility, Siege identified topics that were high-value/low-competition to drive relevant traffic without the need for extra outreach and link building.

To attract top-funnel traffic, Siege Media decided to create informative “What Is” posts to create passive link opportunities and rank quickly for relevant terms.

With this strategy, Siege grew Sinch’s LRDs and organic keywords, which contributed greatly to its tremendous organic traffic and traffic value growth, improving by 715% and 1,094%, respectively.

Top performing Sinch content

What is MMS messaging? And how is it different from SMS?

The results

  • Ranking Page One for "what is mms messaging"
  • 4,300 monthly organic traffic
  • $1,100 traffic value
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The results

  • Ranking Page One for "conversational banking"
  • Image pack
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Conversational customer service: Tools and tips to build lasting relationships

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Mind-blowing mobile customer engagement tips and examples

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