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increase in links in 10 months operates with the sole purpose to help other businesses thrive. provides customer support and answering services in conjunction with human and machine learning to provide call insights and actionable data.

Industry: B2B, SaaS

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO

Challenges recognized a lack of a brand association within their content, which was the root cause of their stagnation. Their team was looking for a partner who could level up their content and improve its monotonous and “routine” feel that diluted their authority. wanted SEO experts that could not only emphasize and define the uniqueness of their brand from competitors but scale their content strategy overall, with traffic and rankings to their blog and website being their top KPIs.

The results

Growth summary

Because’s primary goal was link building, Siege Media saw an opportunity to improve qualified traffic to’s blog via “What Is” and “How To” queries around targeted keywords with a high traffic and conversion impact in the virtual receptionist space.

Additionally, we prioritized a passive link strategy by creating content that shared unique statistics and provided free downloadable templates (e.g., call scripts, checklists, and note-taking sheets).

In less than a year, Siege developed 29 pieces of content ranking on Page One, including Types of Business Communication, which takes the featured snippet for the keyword, “types of business communication.”

What ultimately contributed to’s growth is an ideal balance between high-quality content, volume, and a strong tie-in to the brand.

Siege’s 52 pieces of SEO posts and promotables emphasized’s authority in the space — highlighting their product’s unique value — using a combination of human and machine intelligence through their service offerings.

Top performing content

Outbound Sales Call Script Samples For Every Situation (+Templates)

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 497 monthly organic traffic
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Types of Business Communication and How They Benefit Your Business

The results

  • Ranking on Page One for "types of business communication"
  • 2,300
  • $7,600 traffic value
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What Is a Virtual Receptionist

The results

  • Ranking Page One for "what is a virtual receptionist"
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The results

  • Ranking Page One for "telephobia"
  • 22 links
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