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links to date is an answering service that helps small businesses improve lead generation and nurturing processes. It offers various features, mainly focusing on virtual receptionists and outreach campaigns. Businesses use services to outsource their answering and sales outreach efforts so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

Industry: B2B, SaaS

Location: Palo Alto, CA, U.S.

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO

Challenges recognized a lack of brand association within its content, which was a root issue in the way of additional growth. Their team needed a partner that could level up their content and improve the “monotonous and routine” feel that they felt diluted their industry and impacted their authority. wanted SEO experts who could differentiate their brand’s uniqueness from their competitors. They also wanted to scale their content strategy to grow their traffic, links, and rankings on their blog and website.

The results

Growth summary

Because one of’s primary goals was link building, Siege Media saw an opportunity to improve qualified traffic to their blog via “what is” and “how to” top-funnel queries. So, we got to work targeting virtual receptionist keywords with high traffic lower in the buyer’s funnel to increase conversion potential.

Siege Media also supported the passive link building strategy by creating content that shared unique statistics and provided free downloadable templates — for example, call scripts, checklists, and note-taking sheets.

To date, Siege Media has developed 34 pieces of content ranking in the Top 10, which is over half of the content we created for them. This includes Types of Business Communication, which quickly achieved the featured snippet for its primary keyword, “types of business communication.”

Siege Media created content ranging from SEO-focused posts to promotables that emphasized’s industry authority and highlighted their product’s unique value. What ultimately contributed to’s overall growth was the ideal balance between high-quality content, volume, and a strong tie-in to the brand via tailored copy and design assets that appear on various SERP features.

Siege Media also identified and recommended major blog updates for, which the team recently implemented. We identified blog pagination issues and noticed that Google had difficulty crawling past the first page of their hub, so we advised them to add hard URLs for specific blog categories. We also advised and supported its implementation with the dev team to manually curate their blog hub to prioritize high-converting content and pages that drive links, further supporting these pages from an SEO and traffic perspective.

Siege Media suggested that they also make their top navigation sticky throughout the blog to enhance the UX and support conversions. We also gave them guidelines for how to improve their “Related Posts” sections across the blog by improving their post tagging logic, specifically prioritizing the most relevant Siege-created content to make these sections more valuable to the user.

We’ve worked with Siege Media for over two years, and they have our utmost loyalty. Our SVP had worked with them at a previous tech company and was blown away by their performance. She brought them with her here, so to speak. At, we’re a high-speed company with rigorous expectations. Siege expertly discerns their role in each SEO project. We rely on them for keyword strategy, blog writing, infographics, and technical SEO adjustments — and they’re always proactively anticipating market shifts and impactful focus areas. They work right alongside us, they shift when we shift, and we can always trust their expert guidance. Working with Siege is like having the best artillery for the constant battle that is SEO.

Tom Armitage Senior Marketing Manager at

Tom Armitage

Senior Marketing Manager at

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