Digital PR has been around for more than a decade. So why is it trending now?

It’s 2021 and our social media feeds can’t stop talking about Digital PR and GameStop. Yet, it’s for a good reason. Whether it be brand identity’s rise in Google ranking factors or the competition of viral content, it’s impossible to ignore the draw to digital PR.

In today’s episode of Content & Conversation, Ross Hudgens and Director of Digital PR, Vince Nero, discuss the current state of digital PR, what mistakes to avoid, and how to best incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

Show Notes:

  • 00:34: Welcome back, Vince! Siege Media’s Director of Digital PR
  • 00:40: GameStop stocks and how to manipulate the stock market
  • 1:20: What is digital PR?
  • 2:57: Why is “digital PR” trending?
  • 4:37: The differences between digital PR, SEO and link building
  • 6:01: Viral content vs. brand identity
  • 6:28: What are the biggest digital PR mistakes?
  • 7:40: What “going viral” means in different industries
  • 8:49: How Siege Media combines content marketing and PR
  • 9:37: Industries where digital PR is optimal
  • 10:27: Calculating link value by website
  • 11:57: Dangers of scraper sites in link reporting
  • 14:27: The legitimacy of viral content
  • 16:50: Going viral within your niche audience
  • 17:44: Is this a strategy or one-off?

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