Content marketing is consistently in flux. Major world events, algorithm changes, breaking news, social media trends and pop culture all have the ability to shake up the industry—and content marketers must adapt and produce great content that aligns with what’s hot.

One way to keep your finger on the pulse is by tuning into content marketing podcasts. In this ever-changing field, podcasts are a great way to keep up with industry trends and news, as most release new episodes weekly or bi-weekly. We asked our team of 110 world-class content marketers what their favorite podcasts are. These are the 14 options they couldn’t live without.

1. Content and Conversation

Created by our team here at Siege Media, Content and Conversation features Siege Founder Ross Hudgens and Director of Marketing Drew Page diving deep into content marketing, SEO and email outreach. Our podcast is made for content marketers looking to increase their knowledge of the industry and score some big wins.

Frequency: Monthly
Episode Length: 20–60 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9
Recommended Episode: Why You Can’t “Test” Content Marketing

2. The Long Game

The Long Game podcast from Omniscient Digital

The Long Game is an in-depth and free-flowing discussion between an expert guest in content marketing and co-hosts David Khim, Alex Birkett, and Allie Decker. This aptly named podcast details the strategies used to win the infinite game of content marketing implemented by the teams and companies achieving hypergrowth and scale.

Frequency: Weekly
Episode Length: 30–90 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 5.0
Recommended Episode: Evolve Your SEO and Content Marketing with Ross Hudgens

3. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vee Podcast

Hosted by content creator Gary Vaynerchuk, this daily podcast runs the gamut of marketing topics. He covers everything from self assurance and personal motivation to storytelling optimization and marketing trends.

Frequency: Daily
Episode Length: 15–65 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9
Recommended Episode: You Need to Focus on the Process

4. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

Digital Marketer Podcast

Facilitated by Digital Marketer, the DigitalMarketer Podcast hosts Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely give thorough discussions of content marketing topics to help digital marketers grow their business. The podcast covers everything from social media platforms and video to cold calling leads and franchise marketing.

Frequency: Weekly
Episode Length: 30–60 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9
Recommended Episode: Marketing To End Users & Buyers At The Same Time with Sarah Lee of Pype

5. Content, Inc.

Joe Pulizzi CMI

Content, Inc. focuses on growing your audience by making great content. Host Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, believes that businesses thrive by first growing their audience and uses his podcast to focus on how to do just that.

Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Episode Length: 5–15 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9
Recommended Episode: Stop “The Hustle” and Start “The Focus”

6. We Earn Media

We Earn Media

As the name implies, the We Earn Media podcast is all about how to produce results and earn media coverage. Hosts Britt and Jackie conduct interviews with journalists to get the full scoop on how to pitch, and hopefully to uncover what makes pitching so intimidating.

Frequency: Weekly
Episode Length: 30–50 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 5.0
Recommended Episode: Automated cars are good, but automated emails are bad!

7. The Animalz Content Marketing Podcast

Animalz Podcast

Created by the team at Animalz, the Animalz Content Marketing Podcast covers how to efficiently market content and develop a content strategy. They also cover the client onboarding process and logistics of growing a business.

Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Episode Length: 20–55 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8
Recommended Episode: The Copycat Content Crisis

8. Noah Kagan Presents

Noah Kagan

On his podcast, host Noah Kagan covers general entrepreneurship with a focus on content marketing. He interviews business professionals to discuss business growth and trends, while also using his own content marketing expertise to instruct listeners.

Frequency: Weekly
Episode Length: 10–70 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9
Recommended Episode: How to Grow Your Business to $1 Million—and Beyond

9. SEO Podcast: The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Unknown Secrets

Since 2009, this podcast has provided tips to marketers, business owners and marketing agencies on how to stay on top of SEO and digital marketing trends. Chris Burres and Matt Bertram aim to help listeners get their content on the first page of Google results.

Frequency: Bi-monthly
Episode Length: 25–45 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.3
Recommended Episode: 10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master

10. Marketing Companion

Marketing Companion

On Marketing Companion, hosts Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas aim to make the marketing world more fun. Treating each episode like a friendly, fun conversation, this podcast combines marketing insights with comedy.

Frequency: Weekly
Episode Length: 20–40 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8
Recommended Episode: Is there still a place for blogging?

11. The Blogging Millionaire

blogging millionaire

Just two years after his first post, The Blogging Millionaire host Brandon Gaille grew his own blog to more than one million monthly views. In this podcast, he dives into WordPress, SEO, content marketing and content optimization to teach listeners how to do the same with their own projects.

Frequency: Weekly
Episode Length: 10–15 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8
Recommended Episode: Optimizing Your Research and Writing Time

12. Marketing School

Marketing School

Hosted by content marketers Neil Patel and Eric Siu, Marketing School is a daily podcast that features actionable tips and lessons. The two hosts combine years of lessons learned from their own content marketing careers to teach new and established marketers how to thrive.

Frequency: Daily
Episode Length: 4–8 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7
Recommended Episode: How to Skyrocket Your Search Traffic Without Spending a Cent

13. Experts on the Wire

experts on the wire
In Experts on the Wire, Dan Shure primarily discusses SEO. However, the podcast dabbles into adjacent topics like content marketing, social media and ranking. Dan also invites SEO industry experts onto the show to help discuss the field and trends.

Frequency: Sporadic
Episode Length: 45–90 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9
Recommended Episode: How to Escape Content Mediocrity

14. The Business of Story

The Business of Story host Park Howell focuses on helping businesses develop their brand voice through storytelling. He aims to help businesses connect with their audience through powerful and thoughtful content.

Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Episode Length: 40–90 minutes
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9
Recommended Episode: How to Grow Your Business With Bewitching Brand Storytelling

Liner Notes

With an industry that is as constantly fluctuating as content marketing, it’s important to keep up with industry changes and stay on your toes. Listening to podcasts by industry professionals is a great way to start.

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