No one panic — we promise you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The details of Google’s latest update emphasize the importance of “people-first content” more than ever before. This means the need for marketers to research beyond the SERP (before developing content) to create knowledgeable, differentiated content that readers will value.

In other words, creating content that solves the user’s problem, not simply answering the query.

In today’s episode, Drew Page, Siege Media’s Director of Business Development, and CEO Ross Hudgens discuss their predictions, actionable next steps, and how you can stay on top of the ranks with Google’s latest standards.

Show Notes:

  • 00:39: What is the Google Helpful Content update?
  • 1:40: What we think Google is trying to fix (Ross’ prediction)
  • 7:00: Potential collateral damage, what to be aware of moving forward
  • 10:01: How excessive word count plays a part
  • 12:39: Create content that solves the problem, instead of just answering the query
  • 14:10: Our overall recommendation with Google updates

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