From traffic impact, AI enhancements, and new Google layouts, here’s everything you to know after Google’s announcements at I/O 2023.

The dust is far from settling as AI’s continuous evolution remains a paramount concern for SEOs, content creators, and digital marketers everywhere. Will search traffic decline? How can you adapt your optimization strategies to stay ahead? And most importantly, how do you ensure your relevance in this ever-changing landscape?

In this episode, join Ross and Drew as they unpack the core SEO changes announced at Google I/O, providing valuable insights into their implications and offering guidance on how to navigate the shifting tides.

The duo delves into the sectors that may experience negative impacts, explores the benefits of handling complex queries, and examines the possibilities and potential drawbacks of generative content in the near future. If you operate in the SEO sphere, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Show Notes:

  • 00:10: The core SEO changes at Google I/O
  • 2:14: Health and finance topics will not be affected (so far)
  • 3:08: Watermarking for generative content creators
  • 4:51: New layouts in Google SERP
  • 6:12: New impact on affiliate website
  • 7:43: Query complexity and how it influences content choice
  • 8:30: Google’s incentives for content and websites continues
  • 10:30: RLHF, “Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback
  • 13:42: Visual design importance
  • 18:06: How to increase efficiency in SEO with AI
  • 21:02: Visual design importance, continued
  • 21:47: Why complex queries are the best defense
  • 22:22: How to stay on top of optimization as AI evolves
  • 24:57: Final tips, tactics, and tricks

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