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240 Tutoring sells study guides for teacher certification exams. They provide free practice tests and other resources for aspiring teachers.

Industry: E-commerce, education

Location: Houston, TX, U.S.

Services provided: SEO and content marketing


240 Tutoring hired Siege Media to hone in on a specific market: potential teachers who needed study guides and tutoring to pass state-mandated teaching exams to get a license.

Since the target market was so niche, 240 Tutoring needed a well-rounded agency specializing in content marketing and SEO to increase their monthly organic traffic while driving conversions. Very quickly, Siege Media noticed that there were opportunities to improve 240 Tutoring’s bottom-funnel strategy. They used certain keywords on many pages, which hindered their performance, so Siege Media created a new strategy to drive conversions.

The results

Growth summary

In the early months of the engagement with 240 Tutoring, Siege Media focused on improving SEO for the brand, like content audits, bottom-funnel optimizations, and site-wide structure recommendations to improve traffic and conversions. During our SEO audit, Siege Media noticed opportunities to re-optimize underperforming content to ensure all content was user-friendly and consistently ranked.

Siege Media analyzed 240 Tutoring’s keywords and assigned them to appropriate pages to optimize their website. Then, Siege Media updated title tags, H1s, and internal links to better target each keyword. This made the most significant impact on 240 Tutoring’s traffic and conversions.

Siege Media also provided the client with recommendations for a complete blog hub redesign. Though they didn’t implement all of our recommendations, they did most. These recommendations were comprehensive, including creating category pages to enhance the user experience, adding a topics drop-down menu to content above the fold, and creating a search function for even greater navigation. After the launch of the new hub design, Siege Media-created content saw great growth and increased conversions from June to August 2023.

Due to the positive results of our SEO efforts, Siege Media also started creating top-funnel content for the client’s blog to snag users’ attention on the SERP. These topics naturally led prospective teachers toward the product while answering general queries like, “Can you be a teacher without a degree” and “What makes a good teacher.”

Blog Hub Recommendations

The results

  • Create category pages
  • Add a drop-down menu above the fold
  • Build a comprehensive search function
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Site-Wide Content Audit

The results

  • Recommended bottom-funnel optimizations
  • Assigned keywords to appropriate pages
  • Improved title tags and H1s
  • Updated internal links and anchor text
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How Much Do Teachers Make in Texas?

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10 for the secondary keyword “do teachers get paid in the summer” (SV 3.4K)
  • Featured snippet
  • People Also Ask box
  • 890 keywords
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How Long Does It Take To Become a Teacher?

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • Featured snippet
  • $1K monthly organic traffic value
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