Siege Media created a travel blog for Kid & Coe and achieved 39K+ clicks in 7 months

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Kid & Coe is a travel website with vacation properties and unique and boutique hotels for modern, adventure-seeking families.

Industry: E-commerce

Location: New York, NY, U.S.

Services provided: Technical SEO, website design, and development


Kid & Coe hired Siege Media to help build a new blog from the ground up while focusing on a few key performance indicators for us to track: an increase in traffic to property pages specifically routed from blog posts and conversions on those property pages. Kid & Coe also needed Siege Media to provide realistic SEO suggestions to keep our projects in scope and have the technical know-how to interact with their development teams.

Since Siege Media created the blog from scratch, the biggest challenge centered around getting their blog up and running. During this process, Siege Media pulled in their blog pages from WordPress to Ruby on Rails via an API, meaning the Siege Media team had to be adept with different web applications and frameworks to be successful.

The results

Growth summary

Siege Media began the engagement by providing comprehensive recommendations to Kid & Coe’s main destination pages to improve their SEO and increase their likelihood of appearing on the SERP. Some of these suggestions included but were not limited to:

  • Adding family travel keywords to the headline
  • Creating an FAQ section to target featured snippets and PAA boxes
  • Modifying copy to become more mobile-friendly to target more audiences and improve conversions
  • Building a “Featured blogs” section at the bottom of each destination page to improve internal linking

Month two of the engagement was dedicated to keyword research and WordPress blog development.

Siege Media then focused on adding content to navigate new blog readers toward Kid & Coe’s core destination pages. These included “where to stay in [destination]” and “things to do [in destination] with kids” blog posts that targeted family vacationers. The SEO team created comprehensive blog outlines for each post that included title tags, meta descriptions, and a list of essential keywords to add throughout each post.

After Kid & Coe published blog posts based on the recommendations, Siege Media kept an eagle eye on new and existing link opportunities and blog post optimizations and included them in quarterly reviews. The Siege Media SEO team pointed out where to link new pages and the anchor text that the Kid & Coe team should use to enhance the reader’s experience on the page.

All of these updates completely transformed Kid & Coe’s visibility and traffic — not only on the blog but site-wide. Within six months, Kid & Coe saw a 600% increase in organic traffic to the website, 4,908 links, and 4,146 average monthly organic traffic to the blog.

With eyes set on the future, Siege Media plans to target a wider audience for specific destinations to capture readers’ attention in the bottom-funnel vacation planning phase. This strategy will help boost traffic to destination page listings and, ultimately, continue to increase conversions.

Featured SEO projects

Blog Creation

The results

  • Implemented blog categorization by travel intent and needs
  • Added a search bar for easy navigation
  • Created a “Featured” section to highlight important pages
  • Added publishing dates to article cards to show relevancy and freshness
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Destination Page Recommendations

The results

  • Added family travel keywords to the headline
  • Created an FAQ section to target featured snippets and PAA boxes
  • Modified copy to become more mobile-friendly
  • Added CTAs throughout each destination page to increase conversions
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How To Plan a Large Family Vacation

The results

  • Top-ranking post for “how to plan a large family vacation”
  • Featured snippet
  • People Also Ask box
  • Image pack
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Best Mountain Vacations for Families

The results

  • Top-ranking post for “best mountain vacations for families”
  • Image pack
  • 71 keywords
  • Sitelinks
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