How Siege Media Grew Apartment Guide’s Blog by $100,000/mo


increase in organic traffic to /blog/ in less than one year


increase in traffic value to /blog/ in less than one year


increase in organic keywords to /blog/ in less than one year


links to /blog/

The Client

Apartment Guide, owned by RentPath, is a top digital marketing solutions company that supports renters across the country. Apartment Guide simplifies the apartment search experience through user-friendly mobile and desktop resources. Ultimately, Apartment Guide provides a trusted and comfortable environment for renters to find their perfect home.

Industry: B2C

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Services Provided: SEO & Content Marketing


Apartment Guide had done a good job of building a quality product in the apartment search space, but had a need to increase the velocity and quality of the links and content they were producing.

Enter Siege Media: We brought unique experiences from the home and lifestyle spheres, offering a database of known contacts, high-fidelity photography and web developer resources to build quality content on how to get the most out of apartment living.

Growth Summary

Starting with link-focused content, we helped Apartment Guide continue to build on their link velocity by creating photo-based assets that performed well in search.

As the campaign progressed, we assisted with transactional assets, such as the rent affordability calculator that drove immediate apartment bookings and pet resume asset that brought a lighthearted approach to a common need in the apartment hunt.

This all added up to a $100,000+ increase in traffic value to the blog, an 86% increase YOY.

Brian Carberry Senior Managing Editor, Apartment Guide

"From blog posts to interactive projects, the Siege team has done a phenomenal job of setting expectations around deliverables and content performance. They've helped our team get a number of large projects off the ground that continue to serve as excellent resources for the RentPath brands."

Brian Carberry

Senior Managing Editor, Apartment Guide