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keywords ranking in the Top 10 is a fintech company that empowers consumers with credit monitoring solutions to help simplify credit for everyday readers.

Industry: Fintech

Location: San Francisco, CA, U.S.

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO, organic link building, website design


When first reached out to Siege Media to begin content marketing and SEO engagement, they recently experienced a big dip in traffic. This was partly due to core algorithm updates that prioritized expert-reviewed content in the fintech vertical — especially in your money or your life (YMYL) topics.

Siege Media also noticed a significant content gap between and their competitors, the main difference being partner product offerings. also needed many SEO and web design improvements, so Siege Media had to identify opportunities to remove content gaps and future-proof’s content for any algorithmic changes.

All things considered, the biggest metric showing growth during an engagement with was an increase in traffic.

The results

Growth summary

Siege Media started the engagement with with SEO improvements top of mind. By conducting an in-depth content audit that included all of their pages — over 2,000 pieces of content — Siege Media flagged pages in the following categories: improve, consolidate, redirect, or remove. In the end, only ~25% of their content remained untouched by Siege Media.

On the content marketing side, Siege Media needed to identify high-volume traffic opportunities in the industry so could rank for relevant keywords in the fintech vertical. Siege Media has seen substantial success via content refreshes for the blog, regular maintenance for competitive keywords, and ensuring the company retains their industry and SERP relevance.

Siege Media also helped with essential website design services. The goal was to regain lost traffic by improving the website design sitewide. These improvements included adding important information above the fold and related linking suggestions. Siege Media also added authors and bios to blog posts while collaborating with subject matter experts to author content and improve E-E-A-T.

Featured content

Which Credit Score and Report Is Most Accurate?

The results

  • 1.9K monthly organic traffic
  • 576 keywords
  • 711 links
  • Top-ranking post for “most accurate credit score” (1.7K SV)
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Average Car Payment in the U.S.

The results

  • Ranking in the top 10 for “what is the average car payment in 2023” (1.2K SV)
  • 135 links
  • 691 keywords
  • Featured snippet
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Can You Get an Apartment With Bad Credit?

The results

  • 1K keywords
  • Ranking in the Top 10 for “can I get an apartment with bad credit” (250 SV)
  • People Also Ask box
  • 100+ links
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What Does Your Credit Score Start At?

The results

  • 2.9K monthly organic traffic
  • 803 keywords
  • 644 links
  • Top-ranking post + featured snippet for “what is the starting credit score” (900 SV)
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