Siege Media assisted with an SEO-driven traffic rebound for MedVet during a site migration

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MedVet is the leading veterinarian-owned and -led network of specialty and emergency hospitals and urgent cares dedicated to delivering exceptional care and a deeply supportive experience to pets and their loving families, referring veterinarians, and our team members.

Industry: E-commerce

Location: Worthington, Ohio, U.S.

Services provided: SEO


MedVet needed an SEO and content marketing agency to help rebound traffic as they went through a site migration from MedVet for Pets to MedVet. They wanted to maintain their existing authority and build on it as they continued to expand and grow into new areas.

They enlisted Siege Media to help set them on the right track for their site migration and growth goals. This included mapping URLs and determining which pages to keep based on their performance, flagging high-performing pages to reinstate, finding lower-performing content through an audit, and providing solutions to elevate their content.

The results

Growth Summary

Siege Media immediately identified and flagged high-performing pages that were originally excluded from the planned site migration to the new domain. These high-performing URLs were then reinstated, contributing significantly to a traffic rebound. We also provided timelines for updating the reinstated pages to ensure they continue positively impacting the readers and conversions for MedVet.

An SEO review of the new site design, local SEO recommendations, and a post-launch technical review ensured the migration abided by UX and SEO best practices. Siege Media emphasized UX, a critical element after Google’s recent algorithm updates, which prioritize websites with great user experience.

We then audited the site to flag underperforming URLs and untapped potential. Siege Media recommended the best course of action for each, whether that was redirecting, consolidating, refreshing, or a full overhaul. Siege Media identified two tiers of underperforming pages and the required revamps to enhance their performance.

Siege Media set MedVet’s in-house content team up for success by providing in-depth keyword research organized by greatest opportunity. From there, Siege Media provided MedVet with optimized content outlines for content refreshes and net-new content that hit all of the user experience and SEO best practices needed to create high-quality content.

This robust process of removing underperforming content before a refresh, suggesting refresh opportunities, and outlining content refreshes made the valuable pages more visible, sending high-quality content signals to Google.

Site migration assistance

The results

  • Reviewed migration plans proactively to simplify the process
  • Mapped URLs, redirect, and revamp opportunities
  • Monitored post-migration results and flagged any issues
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Local SEO recommendations

The results

  • Helped get the proper locations to surface content for users
  • Optimized titles, formats, and metadata
  • Audited off-page local SEO, including social media, Yelp, and Google for Business
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Site design recommendations

The results

  • Analyzed existing and planned design assets
  • Provided recommendations for SEO and UX
  • Mocked up wireframes to support internal efforts
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Keyword research for written and video content

The results

  • Performed keyword research to create a long-term blog content plan
  • Evaluated existing video content for improvements
  • Consulted on the synthesis of different content types to improve performance
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