How startup Ness exploded from 0 to 80,000/mo+ organic traffic with help from Siege Media

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Ness is a credit card company still in its startup phase that aims to improve the health and well-being of its users. With their credit card services, they encourage their customers to make health-conscious purchases and give them rewards based on their purchasing decisions. Whether they use their card to pay for healthy meal kits, online workout services, or wellness coaching, Ness promises to reward them.

Industry: Fintech, health & wellness

Location: Remote

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO, website design, digital PR, organic link building


Ness approached Siege Media in the infancy of their company and product development lifecycle. Since their product still had a waitlist, it was up to Siege to accelerate their company awareness through organic search traffic and manual outreach.

Ness needed Siege to help with their brand visibility, as their organic traffic reached 15 users at the start of their engagement.

Since Ness needed an audience above anything else, Siege began its content marketing strategy with content creation and brand strategy in mind.

Because Ness had nearly zero organic traffic at the beginning of our engagement, we needed to establish the brand as a trustworthy brand and a source for medical queries. This meant that an entire brand redesign was top of mind as we began our work with the health fintech startup.

The results

Growth summary

By focusing on the overall traffic growth and increasing Domain Rating, Siege Media helped Ness rank for their critical money product pages.

At the beginning of our engagement, the organic traffic value was nearly non-existent, and at the end of our eight-month engagement, traffic value reached over $40,000.

By creating a mix of promotable posts and search-driven content, Ness’ authority started to take hold in the wellness and finance spaces. Through this consistent content marketing strategy, Siege grew Ness’ linking root domains from a meager 26 at the beginning of our engagement to an astonishing 616 — boosting their Domain Rating considerably.

Siege Media also developed an entire blog redesign for the company. This, in turn, fostered more engagement on the blog itself by using important on-page SEO strategies. This blog redesign also encouraged more attention from its prospects, ultimately helping its content rank and convert more people to its waitlist.

These content marketing efforts also massively boosted their Domain Rating, increasing their overall brand authority and helping them increase their visibility on SERPs.

Siege accomplished everything Ness expected and more by creating branded assets, animations, infographics, and detailed guides that consistently ranked on Page One.

In fact, in our short engagement with Ness from January to October 2022, 16 of the 23 posts Siege Media created currently rank on Page One, with “How To Recover from Burnout” as a featured snippet.

I built an enormous SEO-driven media company of my own, Greatist, and there's no other firm I'd even consider recommending to someone. Unlike most agencies in the space, they actually invest in the things that matter — quality content, thoughtful strategy, and things that are actually worth linking to. I recommend them to anyone who asks ... [Siege Media] is actually doing something awesome.

Derek Flanzraich Founder, Ness

Derek Flanzraich

Founder, Ness

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