How Siege Media helped Gear Patrol grow by 853,000 monthly organic visits

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Gear Patrol is an award-winning print and digital publication, store and content studio based in New York City. They focus on journalism around gear, travel, adventure, design, food and culture.

Industry: Publishing

Location: New York

Services provided: SEO consulting


Gear Patrol approached us with some traffic potential to put gasoline on the fire. Their existing rankings were sporadic and needed SEO support so their staff writers could focus more on creating content their audience loved versus laboring over title tags.

Growth summary

Gear Patrol was looking for help with several aspects of their business. This included strategizing content workflow, guiding technical SEO initiatives and team training to ensure that their editorial team was up to date on SEO best practices.

We delivered SEO recommendations to establish a solid foundation for their editorial staff to build off of. SEO recommendations varied from technical items such as link cleanup, sitemap work and Google News optimization to on-page items like heading suggestions and copy optimizations for top posts, content structure and more.

On top of SEO recommendations, Siege Media plugged into their fast-paced workflow to prioritize certain posts based on data driven insights and trained their editorial team to ensure smooth execution.

With Gear Patrol publishing an average of 20 posts a day, quick decisions had to be made constantly. Through this, their traffic has improved through various organic avenues, including Google News, Google Discover and, of course, Google Search.

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