Siege Media increased Robertson College’s monthly organic traffic value to their blog by 194%

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Robertson College is a Canadian-based higher education institution with physical locations in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton. Offering 35+ programs across four schools — Business, Community Services, Health, and Technology — Robertson’s programs get students career-ready, fast. The College offers three ways to learn: structured online learning, hybrid learning, and flexible micro-courses to expand learners’ skills and prepare them for a meaningful career.

Industry: Education

Location: Winnipeg, MB, CA

Services provided: Content marketing


Robertson College approached Siege Media with a desire to convert potential students interested in returning to school to change careers later in life. This meant they needed an agency that knew how to reach their target audience and pique the interest of potential students.

However, with a saturated market of competing colleges throughout Canada and brand-new hybrid education programs, Robertson College was worried about staying relevant. Additionally, after a survey conducted by Brandish, Robertson College learned that 77.5% of respondents hadn’t heard of them, meaning they needed to increase brand visibility while targeting an unfamiliar demographic.

The results

Growth Summary

In the first few months of our engagement, Siege Media focused on top-funnel content to aid in brand visibility and ranking on SERPs in Canada. Because of the client’s hyperlocal Canadian target audience, we immediately researched regional interests, colloquial terminology, and Canadian-specific education keywords while narrowing in on their target audience.

After establishing growth for Robertson, it was time to work on middle- and bottom-funnel strategies. These included posts like “Canadian resume formats,” “best colleges in Canada,” and posts specifically centered around their main verticals.

Eventually, the rankings started to speak for themselves. In only a year, Siege Media had 19 posts ranking on Page One, and the 35 total posts we created contributed to an estimated average monthly traffic value of $11.6K.

Siege Media applied specific content strategies that targeted informational queries across every stage of the funnel. We helped Robertson rank for high-volume keywords that attracted relevant audiences (prospective students looking to start, upskill, or reskill their careers). This, in turn, led to significant successes in organic traffic, up 653% to their blog, and traffic value, up 194% to their blog.

Siege Media also significantly contributed to other important metrics. Year-over-year, Robertson College saw a 63% increase in organic keywords, a 145.5% increase in monthly organic traffic, and a 49.3% increase in traffic value.

Canadian Resume Format

The results

  • 1.6K keywords
  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • Image pack
  • PAA box for “Canadian resume template”
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What Is Post-Secondary Education?

The results

  • Ranking #1 for primary keyword
  • 4K monthly organic traffic
  • PAA box for the primary keyword
  • 750+ keywords
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17 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • 3.9K monthly organic traffic
  • 750+ keywords
  • Featured Snippet for the keyword “most in-demand jobs in Canada”
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Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness in Canada

The results

  • Ranking in the Top 10
  • Featured snippet
  • PAA box
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