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Statrys empowers global small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs by streamlining the process of business registration and bank account initiation in Hong Kong. With a robust corporate account framework, Statrys empowers businesses with greater control over their financial pursuits.

Industry: Fintech

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Services provided: Content marketing, SEO


Statrys understood the importance of boosting their online presence to attract businesses operating in Hong Kong. Their decision to seek a suitable partner stemmed from the rise of online banking platforms intensifying competition.

As a result, the necessity for improved resources in content marketing and SEO became evident, as they encountered a stagnation in their strategy.

In their search for a new partner, Statrys aimed to find experts in creating engaging content that could consistently generate valuable links and address any underlying technical SEO challenges. Yet, their goals went beyond simply acquiring links. They wanted their content to be trustworthy, engaging, and provide effective solutions for their target audience.

The results

Growth summary

Stratys, while possessing an established Domain Authority (DA), had been focusing narrowly on niche subjects, inadvertently limiting their potential audience outreach. To address this, the Siege Media team devised a strategic Keyword to Opposition Benefit Analysis (KOB), emphasizing top-of-funnel content opportunities and identifying low-hanging fruit to tap into a broader audience.

This approach honed in on entrepreneurs, e-commerce businesses, and foreign exchange, aligning seamlessly with Stratys’ conversion objectives.

Siege moved the needle quickly, with a third of their posts ranking on Page One within the first three months. This was evident in top-of-funnel pieces like, “How To Become a Reseller” and “What Is a Corporate Account,” both securing top spots on Page One, solidifying Statrys’ credibility in the financial business realm. The outcome: over 1,622 links were generated in just six months.

Furthermore, Siege sought to increase Statrys’ unique value through high-quality design, leveraging charts and infographics to distill complex information. This acknowledged the demand for visually engaging content, which resulted in top rankings on Image SERP results and a 186% increase in blog clicks.

Central to Siege’s strategy was an emphasis on reader experience, balancing simplicity with premium information. This transformative approach rendered a 576% surge in traffic value and a 365% boost in organic site traffic over the span of six months.

Top performing Statrys content

What Is a Corporate Account? A Guide to Business Bank Accounts

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 1,500 monthly organic traffic
  • $3,000 traffic value
  • 1,373 URL clicks
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How To Become a Reseller

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 869 URL clicks
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Top Neobanks: Which Is Right for Me?

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 26 links
  • 568 URL clicks
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How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take?

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 358 URL clicks
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