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TimberTech is an outdoor decking solution company that specializes in innovative and sustainable outdoor building products. Renowned for their high-quality composite decking and railing solutions, they offer unmatched durability. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, TimberTech continues to be a leader in the decking industry.

Industry: E-commerce

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Services provided: Content Marketing, SEO


TimberTech sought a strategic partnership to bolster their online presence and effectively compete against well-established rivals in the home improvement industry. They needed a reliable partner who not only comprehended their target audience but also grasped the intricacies of their sales cycle.

Their primary goals were to enhance organic traffic to their website, secure higher rankings for crucial battleground keywords, and chip away at their competitors’ share of voice. Additionally, TimberTech aimed to reduce their reliance on paid media and generate a substantial number of high-quality leads and revenue.

The results

Growth summary

The Siege Media team kicked off TimberTech’s content strategy by crafting top-funnel content that focused on building trust with TimberTech’s audience. This approach integrated high-quality imagery and purposeful design elements, evident in posts like “What Is Composite Wood? Pros and Cons for Your Build,” making information easily digestible for readers.

Recognizing TimberTech’s authority in the decking industry, Siege Media strategically honed in on topics within their expertise, such as “Deck Railing Height Code: Requirements and Guidelines,” setting them apart from their competitors’ broader topic approach.

Furthermore, Siege Media’s support extended to technical SEO improvements, UX best practices, and blog design recommendations, leading to increased visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and a 139% boost to TimberTech’s blog traffic.

As the content strategy gained momentum, the results spoke for themselves. After successfully building a library of top-funnel content, the Siege Media team delved into bottom-funnel content, leading to an 81% of Siege-generated articles ranking on Page One, garnering 1.9M impressions within just one year.

Due to a targeted content marketing strategy, TimberTech solidified its position as a leader in the decking solutions space, firmly establishing its industry authority.

Top performing TimberTech content

Patio Shade Ideas To Help You Stay Cool

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 3,000 monthly organic traffic
  • $1,500 traffic value
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Deck Railing Height Code: Requirements and Guidelines

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 7,500 monthly organic traffic
  • $3,600 traffic value
  • 64 links
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The Best Deck Material Options + How To Choose One

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 6,700 monthly organic traffic
  • $6,800 traffic value
  • 53 links
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What Is Composite Wood? Pros and Cons for Your Build

The results

  • Ranking Page One
  • 2,200 monthly organic traffic
  • $1,200 traffic value
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