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Outreach is a regular part of our day to day, but we hate calling ourselves “link builders.”

In this returning episode of Content & Conversation, Ross and Caroline sit down to talk about how Siege Media is starting to look at link building more strategically than just manual outreach. They cover what passive link intent means and common keyword phrases that indicate opportunity.

Did we also mention we talk about clowns? This is our first episode in our newly revamped format where we’ll be returning every Tuesday, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss us.

Show Notes:

  • 0:49: Why organic link generation is important to Google
  • 2:46: Why UX matters before you start anything
  • 6:40: How to know if passive link acquisition is happening in your market
  • 9:41: Keywords that fit this framework
  • 11:34: How to pair passive link generation with manual outreach
  • 15:12: How to think about content that can support this effort

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