Five-year veteran Elsie Weisskoff joins us on Content & Conversation to talk onboarding.

While growth is always a good thing, it typically comes with more problems — or how we like to spin it, more opportunity.

Elsie, our Content Marketing Manager of Onboarding, joins Director of Business Development, Drew Page, to discuss the importance of scaling the learning and development processes within your team and how it can impact the speed of your long-term growth.

Show Notes (Podcast):

    • 00:17: Elsie’s roles and what it means for onboarding
    • 00:37: What are some of the strategies we use to scale our training?
    • 2:08: The benefits of open-source knowledge
    • 3:28: Hiring in cohorts
    • 4:00: The controversial “test” project
    • 5:58: How to hire and train remote teams
    • 7:01: The advantages of bringing in other managers, mentors early on
    • 8:14: Ideal length of training period
    • 8:57: Integrating new hires with clients
    • 9:32: Are probation periods necessary?
    • 10:39: How to apply training to different paces of learning
    • 12:02: How often do we evolve/update our processes?
    • 13:08: The importance of noting expectations
    • 13:56: How to track performance of new hires, determine fit
    • 15:59: As an applicant, learning about your company matters
    • 17:36: What we’ve learned in training/onboarding after growth
    • 20:55: SiegeLearn discount, use code “ELSIE25” (Limited quantities available)


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